Finding Hope After Suicide

                        A Suicide Survivor Resource

                          Spring Hill, Tennessee                 

       About: Developing Coping Skills

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      SOS Handbook in "PDF" format


 Current survivor groups - Nashville area:

The first Thursdays each month are covered by a Survivor Group

     @ Maury Regional Hospital > Columbia, Tennessee

Each Monday Night, there is a group that meets in Franklin:

     For Franklin group location call - 615-244-7444

Each Tuesday Night, a survivor group that meets in:

                Downtown Nashville, Tennessee


 National & State of Tennessee Directories




From a Daughter (Karen) who has lost a Father


From a Mom (Holli) who lost a Daughter: . . . Tara

You are going to LOVE the music on this one.


From a Wife (Robin) who has lost a husband:


From a Sister (Lauren) who lost a younger brother:


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