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About What You Can Do:

Never be reluctant to assist another survivor. You can never tell, in advance, where your efforts will lead.

This Website effort (findinghopeaftersuicide.com) started to be a FaceBook page. We were in hopes of attracting local suicide survivors for a support group.

We started meeting (every Thursday night) at my home. That lasted a couple of years before we moved to another house, and that lasted a few more years. As our bond grew, the FB account gave way to group emails, then later text messages.

As life progressed, one had to relocate out of state, one had to gain employment, and I got old. Stuff that happens as life moves along.

Some time passed, and a couple of us teamed up to kick-start a Spring Hill Survivor group. We started meeting in the office of a Marriage and Family counselor, Dan. Dan and I had known each other for several years at the time. Besides, we had started the GriefShare ministry at our local church.

During those early sessions, the idea of promoting our efforts with a website surfaced. To my surprise, we were able to register FindingHopeAfterSuicide.com, and I commenced to post summaries of our sessions. We moved on to post our efforts in the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network, TSPN.org, along with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, AFSP.org directories.

Unfortunately, Dan developed cancer and passed away, and I got old, and my hearing was terrible. Just stuff that happens.

But the website we started to attract survivors in Middle Tennessee, now gets traffic from dozens of counties around the world. Who would have ever imagined?

The current plan is to get 52 posts up and edited (spelling, grammar, punctuation, and relevance.) The hope is they can be an aid to kick-start survivor support groups, where ever the need arises: an evolving document, available resource online at no cost.

At present, current operating survivor support groups in the United States can be located through TSPN.org and AFSP.org by zip code inquiries.

If you don’t find one start one, trust me, it is NOT rocket science to attract a following, consider it.

Few survivors do well on their own.

With a team, well, that is a whole different story.

We are obligated to do the work for ourselves and for those that are trudging along behind us. No one is going to knock on your door (at least with what it takes to help a survivor construct a new life . . . after suicide.)

Blessings, dJ