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About What You Can Do:

Never be shy in attempts to help another survivor.  You cannot tell in advance where that will lead you.

This Website started out as a Face Book page to connect these three girls together and it worked.  The four of us met at my home for a couple of years (every Thursday night.)  Then moved to one of their homes for another few years.  The FB page disappeared as our bond grew.

Then I teamed with one of them to kick-start a survivor group with a broader reach.  We met in a local counselor’s office then moved to a church.  As life progressed, one had to relocate out of state, one had to gain employment, and I got old, just stuff that happens as life moves along.

At the startup, my partner thought it a good idea to start a Website and offered the name findinghopeaftersuicide.  I was shocked to find it was available in dot com, dot org, dot net, dot info and on and on.  So I registered it and here we are a couple years later.

What started out to attract survivors in Middle Tennessee . . . well, I get messages from Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Ireland, England, Hungry, Hawaii . . . goodness, and I never imagined it.

Now the extended plan is to get these 24 posts edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation . . . and relevance.  I would hope it could be used as a way to get folks to kick-start a support group where ever you live.  I get messages from contacts looking for a support group in their area and I am unable to help them.

In the USA we have an organization AFSP.Org.  The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  They maintain directories for locations by ZIP.  Try it to find a support group.  If you don’t find one start one.

Trust me, it is NOT rocket science to attract a following, consider it.  Few survivors do well on their own.  A team, well that is a whole different story.  We have to get to work for ourselves and for those we come in contact with.  No one is going to knock on your door (at least with what it takes to help you construct a new life . . . after suicide.)

Blessings, dJ